Aashai’s Weight Training II

This is the second part of an on-going series. If you missed part one you can read it at: aashai1.wordpress.com

  • Often I attend the gym (5-6 days-a-week) and I see people seriously working out to attain that envisioned physique.  However, it pains me to see the approach they have adopted, which is to work every muscle on the same day, called the full-body routine.
  • After several years of training, I realized that that particular is effective for the person who already has developed a basic understanding working out.
  • If you are one of these people then I suggest that you alter your routine by working one body part a day, or if you’re on a tight schedule two parts, but make certain to do a subsequent pull and push, or push and pull, however way you desire. Approaching it this way will allow your muscles to rest until you come around to it again. Muscles require rest in order to develop.  The tissues that are torn have to heal. If you impede this process the muscle will fail to properly develop.
  • Those who like to run before working out must keep in mind that you are depleting yourself of all the energy you’ll need to do the physical exercise. Running for 10 min. for the purpose of warming up is alright. Just don’t do a full run it will prove counter-productive. I suggest you do the full run after you have completed your weight training.