Dressing Warmly.

The arctic blast  has finally blown down from Canada and affecting  the North-East. This morning people have,or will, be awakening to temperatures below 0 degrees with a windchill factor of minus zero. So, I think it’s imperative I re post this article reminding those affected how important it is to dress appropriately in the in-climate weather.

The head and hands are the areas where heat is loss the fastest. Try to exposing the least amount of skin to avoid frost bite.

Many of us tend to over dress when the weather becomes colder than we expect at times. The best approach to maintaining warmth in colder temperatures is to dress in layers. and it is suggested that you dress in four(4) layers.

  1. Depending on the footwear, you will want to wear a pair of warm socks. Not too thick(causing the feet to sweat), and not too thin (incapable to keep the warmth in your body, which escapes through the feet).
  2. Long johns as the second layer, which is worn under your clothes.
  3. a sweater or sweat shirt
  4. A coat or jacket as the last and outer layer. Let’s not forget the hat, which keeps the heat from escaping through the head.

Try this method and you will find it to be very effective.

In closing, always remember…“You can always take it off, but you can’t put it on if you don’t have it!”