Watchout for the Murph!

Earlier today as I stopped in Crossgate Mall, Colonie, NY to take care of some business. So I decided to have a late lunch. I chose to eat Asian. I ordered my meal and proceeded to cash out. I handed the cashier a $20 bill. The total was $6.68. He gave me $3.32. Now, I ask you, what is wrong with this picture? Yes…you’re correction. He attempted to keep the additional $10.00, hoping I’d walk away and not realize what had happened.

     All the time I was watching what he did with the $20.00 bill. When I confronted him, he tried to say I gave him $10.00. I very angrily stated “Man, give me my money…you put the $20.00 in the $5.00 slot.

     As you know, he was lost for words and simply handed me the rest of my change. This tells me that either Asians aren’t very smart, don’t give a damn, or both. Don’t they realize that most of us are from the streets where we have to hustle most of our lives?

     So…beware of them. they will attempt to “Murph” you as well.  If you don’t know what the Murph is, you might want to look it up.