Yes…People have to wake up!

 What bothers me the most?  It’s when I continuously read and/or hear people complaining by saying: “People need to wake up[to something or other]”. And it’s these same people who have no real or sound solution to rectify a matter. For instance, and I quote, ” i personally believe the so called elite put who they want in office, we think we have a choice but we don’t, bush and obama are probably related some how, the blue bloods all stick together…”(this is the person’s quote word for word). Their only solution is: silence on the matter. People of this caliber never present anything to replace the injustice that is being committed.
Now…it is obvious that the Tri-Collateral Commission is operating in full gear and that the fallacy of actually selecting the president is in full swing, and the first amendment: the right to expression…freedom of choice…etc., are factors that simply and silently perpetuates dissension amongst—We the People! These very people who constantly complain will be the first ones to cry for this type of system, if they were subjected to monarchy and male-chauvinism.
When you are ethnocentric, you only measure the world through the lenses you’ve been wearing your entire life, which means right and wrong is defined by the principles and mores that has been inculcated upon you.
My suggestion is that people undergo a required course of Cultural Anthropology for the purpose of developing a sound comprehension of the world outside of their neighborhoods.  
Do I have the solution?  No. But, I did take the time to educate myself with a lot of the world beyond my neighborhood. I realized that if I were to gain an bit of understanding then I had to broaden my mind. Which is what I hope some of the chronic complainers will do.
The best thing about education is that you gain some level of relative freedom from being susceptible to blindly following the ideas and ideals of others.
So, in closing, I would agree, Yes…People have to wake up!