>Again, Hollywood wishes to “whitewash” the true identity of our people. Many of you probably know that Zoe Saldana has been cast for the role of Nina Simone.ImageImage

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Nina, she “… was one of the most gifted vocalists of her generation, and also one of the most eclectic. Simone was a singer, pianist, and songwriter who bent genres to her will rather than allowing herself to be confined by their boundaries; her work swung back and forth between jazz, blues, soul, classical, R&B, pop, gospel, and world music, with passion, emotional honesty, and a strong grasp of technique as the constants of her musical career.

Why Hollywood decided to cast Zoe Saldana


is due to their fear and the old adage that you can’t be too black. About 6 years ago there was an attempt to cast MJB as Ms. Simone.

People are in an outrage about this decision. What was wrong with Viola Davis?


Did I select the wrong Black woman to portray Ms. Simone? I don’t think so. It’s truly a sad fact that in this day and time we cannot be allowed our appearances. Maybe if we start folding our arms when it comes to purchasing movies or tickets, we will begin to be heard.

Money is what compels Hollywood. So, let’s speak out with our pockets by supporting independent films that portray us in the perfect light.

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