ATTACK OF THE TIAs (The Quiet Killers)

It was approximately 10:15 AM. On a bright sunny morning that Aashai was exiting the post office and entering his 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. He was pushing the keyless starter button, when he was suddenly overtaken by a strange sensation of numbness on the left side of his face. This numbness began to spread down the left side of his body affecting his arm, hand, leg, and foot.


Aashai realized just what was happening to him. So, he quickly decided to lock the car and rapidly limp to the Urgent Care Office 25 feet away. He knew he very little time to receive attention before it can become a permanent condition. The paralysis was traveling fast and causing him to lose all ability to function.


He reached the building and slammed the door opened and rushed to the reception’s window. As he made his way to the window, he couldn’t but help to notice how the waiting patients were looking at him as if he was a vagrant coming in off the street. No one moved to assist him in his time of struggle. What really made him feel bad was the fact that a black woman simply sat and watched nonchalantly.  She never budged to see what was going on with this black man who was in obvious need of help. He quickly rationalized that she didn’t want the white women sitting around to associate her with this big, muscular black that stormed into the office causing so much noise.


Aashai made his way to the window and slammed his fist on the counter which startled the receptionist and demanded that she call someone to help him because paralysis was overtaking his left side. The receptionist in her fright abruptly disconnected her call and yelled for assistance. As Aashai began to fall to the floor, the door swung opened and a black nurse ran out to catch him. She stated to him that he had to hold on because she could not carry him. So, Aashai used her as support to lift himself up.


She laid him on the patient bed in the nearest office. Another assistant immediately began to check his blood pressure only to learn that it was 211 and climbing. The doctor came in and stated that he was experiencing a stroke and need to be taken to Albany Medical Hospital emergency room where they had the stroke trauma unit.


The effects of the stroke began to subside. The EMS placed him on a stretcher and began administering IV to stabilize the patient. When Aashai had another episode and shook uncontrollably. The ambulance traveled at a priority one while calling in the situation. Aashai was delivered to the neurological unit where they began to examine him to determine the extent of damage. The residency doctor asked all the necessary questions and made a diagnosis as to what needed to be done.


Aashai was informed that he required tPA (tissue Plasminoen Activator) which is a blood thinner that dissolves any and all clots that may exist in the blood system. It’s so effective that it’s known to cause internal bleeding at times around the brain and others areas. However, it has to be given within 4.5 hours of the incident.


Aashai was admitted to the trauma unit and placed under observation. He later learned that after three CT scans, MRI, and MRA, the doctors were unable to determine what caused the TIA. The doctors concluded that it was a small stroke that was undetectable by the scans. But what was determined was that his triglycerides were extremely high which triggered his blood pressure to rise so high.


Aashai has been released after three days of treatment and observation with the instructions of reducing the intake of white sugar. He was warned that if he didn’t cut back on the sugar intake the medicine he is taking will not stop him from another stroke.


This is a true story, my friends. Just this past Wednesday, I experienced a small stroke, and was fortunate to come out of it undamaged. But I have seen others who weren’t so lucky. These others were seriously impaired. They could not remember the smallest thing as what the day is. Nor who is the president. I do not want to become like that and I don’t think you want to do the same. So…I strongly suggest that you begin a new diet and make certain you will never be on a trauma unit as I did.


I’m only giving you the short version of events.


Your concerned Brother

With love,


Ausar Neter Aashai